Documentation References


Professor Thomas (Tom) Kenny (Stanford University ME Design Division)
(415) 725 - 3805
[Advisor for THD thesis work and designer of the TIS - primary reference source for information regarding the THD payload]

John Ellis


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Supplier of Tunneling Infrared Sensors - Professor Tom Kenny and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (via Tom Kenny)

Digikey Corporation (all sorts of electronic components)
701 Brooks Ave. South
P.O. Box 677
Thief River Falls, MN 56701-0677

Jameco (all sorts of electronic components)
1355 Shoreway Rd.
Belmont, CA 94002-4100

Supplier for Black Anti-reflection Paint for THD cover pieces that define its FOV - Sheldon Smith (Smith, S.M. "Cyro-Mechanical Tests of AMES 24E2 IR-Black Coating." The International Society for Optical Engineering Proceeding. San Diego, CA. 12-13 July 1990.)

2.3.2 Acquisition Reports

item: Tunneling Infrared Sensors
supplier: Professor Tom Kenny and JPL (via Tom Kenny)
Date acquired: 1/5/95
Price: no cost to SAPPHIRE program
Use: infrared sensitive device in the THD paylaod

item: Printed Circuit Board Design and Fabrication
supplier: Mike Seliskar
Logical Services Inc.
(408) 739 - 2600 (W)
(408) 739 - 2600 (H)
Date acquired: 4/1/95
Price: $650 (for design and fabrication of PCB)
Use: packaging for THD circutry

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