Micro Structures & Sensors Lab
Kenny Group @ Stanford

Grant Glaze

grantg :at: mems.stanford.edu



Design and characterization of MEMS resonators with a focus on the temperature dependence of the quality factor.


Santa Clara University
(2010 - 2012) M.S. Engineering Management and Leadership

Gonzaga University
(2001 - 2005) B.S. Mechanical Engineering



G.D. Vukasin, J. Rodriguez, L. Comenencia Ortiz, G.M. Glaze, D.D. Gerrard, C.H. Ahn, Y. Yang, J. Lake, R.N. Candler, and Thomas .W. Kenny, "DIRECT MEASUREMENTS OF ANCHOR DAMPING IN PRESSURE-LIMITED RING RESONATORS," Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Workshop, Hilton Head 2018, pp. 370-371, Jun 2018.
Janna Rodriguez, Dustin D. Gerrard, Grant M. Glaze, Saurabh Chandorkar, Yunhan Chen, Ian B. Flader, Dongsuk D. Shin, and Thomas W. Kenny, "Unanticipated results in the first direct measurements of anchor damping in MEMS resonators," 2018 IEEE 31st International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), pp. 543-546, Jan 2018.
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