Micro Structures & Sensors Lab
Kenny Group @ Stanford

Guo (Gary) Yu

EE PhD Student

gyu8 :at: mems.stanford.edu

Advisor: Thomas W. Kenny and Boris Murmann


I'm investigating a rate integrating gyroscope (RIG) that takes advantage of the axi-symmetry design of the disc resonator gyroscope (DRG) by using novel control methods to achieve better performance than existing systems. Introducing parametric amplification and dynamic discrete-time algorithms to an inherently high quality factor (Q) resonator will enable gyroscopes with lower noise, power and drift.

Check out my personal webpage: people.stanford.edu/gyu8


Stanford University
(2015 - present) PhD - Electrical Engineering

Simon Fraser University
(2010 - 2015) B.A.Sc. (First Class Honours) - Electronics Engineering



D. Hilbich, G. Yu, B. Gray, and L. Shannon, "Characterization of stretchable interconnects fabricated using a new low cost metallization transfer process onto PDMS," ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, vol.4, no.10, pp.S3030-S3033, 2015.