Micro Structures & Sensors Lab
Kenny Group @ Stanford

Ryan (Hyun-Keun) Kwon

PhD Candidate

ryankwon :at: mems.stanford.edu
440 Escondido Mall, Bldg 530 Rm 224, Stanford, CA 94305, USA
Advisor: Thomas W. Kenny


Stanford University
(2015-2017) MS Electrical Engineering
(2016-Present) Ph.D Candidate at Mechanical Engineering

Korea University
(2006-2013) BS in Electrical Engineering


Korea Institute of Science and Technology
(2013-2015) Research Associate

Worked on fabrication and characterization of novel optoelectronic devices and ideas.
1. An automatic smart window that responses to incident wavelength.
2. GaAs nanowire fabrication via MBE + nano imprinted Au catalysts.
3. A "transparent" stained glass that can be applied to photovoltaic cells, UV sensors, BIPV application and device encapsulation layer.

Fellowships / Awards

Best Presentation Award
(2014) E-MRS
Earned the best presentation award from e-MRS 2014 conference held at Warsaw, Poland. My oral presentation was on a spectrum conversion nanophotonics platform that takes advantage of the UV light and convert it to diverse visible lights.


H.-K. Kwon, "Multi-Functional Transparent Luminescent Confi guration for Advanced Photovoltaics", Adv. Ene. Mater., 1502404, 2016.
H.-K. Kwon, "Optically Switchable Smart Windows with Integrated Photovoltaic Devices", Adv. Ene. Mater., 1401347, 2015.
H.-K. Kwon, "Simultaneous Enhancement of Upconversion and Downshifting Luminescence via Plasmonic Structure", Nano Lett., 2491, 2015.
H.-K. Kwon, "Additive-Free Hollow-Structured Co3O4 Nanoparticle Li-Ion Battery: The Origins of Irreversible Capacity Loss", ACS Nano, 6701, 2014.